Stammcut V 500 Wire - .010 dia. 17.5lb Spool

Product Features:

-zinc coated precision wire electrode type for the highest requirements of surface quality, contour- and dimensional accuracy
-developed for the processing on all standard machines (Agie Charmilles) as well as on special featured machines (Vollmer/Fanuc)
-Abrasion-free wire surface
-optimized ratio between tensile strength and elongation for cuts with highest conicity up to 45°

Key Product Features:
• Excellent Workpiece Surface Quality
• Contour- and Dimensional Accuracy
• Abrasion-Free Wire Surface
• Cuts with Cinicity up to 45°
• Suitable also on special featured machines
• Process Stability

Product Characteristics:
Core Material: CuZn36
Tensile Strength: approx. 450 N/mm²
Elongation: approx. 20 %
Colour: dull dark grey
Diameters (mm): 0.20 - 0.30
Diameter Tolerance (um): 2
Conductivity (m/mm2): 14.5

As a rule, this wire electrode is used on special machinery. Due to its high ductility, it is particularly suited for cuts with increased conicity. Thanks to its copper-enriched zinc surface, it is suitable for high cutting rates.

Specifically made for Vollmer machines

Equivalent Products:
• Bedra Cobra Cut
• Agie Charmilles AC Cut A 500

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