Red Line "Synthetic Small Hole Fluid"


an extended fluid life being a synthetic fluid... does not become better for edge filterable...does not foam...greatly reduces arcing at the guide...provides better electrode wear...does not need additives for rust inhibitors

RED LINE Synthetic Small Hole Fluid has a refractometer reading of 6.2 Degrees Brix. At this reading, RED LINE will perform at its optional level and keeping it there will allow consistent and repeatable EDMing tolerances. If the reading is higher than 6.2 degrees brix, you must add de-ionized water to bring the fluid back to proper levels. To calculate how much water to add, subtract 6.2 from the actual refractometer reading and multiply that number by 10. This number represents what percent of water to add depending on the volume of fluid you have in your machine. For example if your refractometer reading is 6.7 and your machine is holding 30 gallons.

6.7 - 6.2 = .5 x 10 = 5%, 30 gallons x 5% = 1.5 gallons of water to add. If your reading is lower than 6.2, add more RED LINE !!

Made in U.S.A.

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