Isocarb I-85 Graphite

I-85 is the pinnacle of the Isocarb family of EDM graphite materials. Engineered for maximum performance for Surface Finish, Wear Resistance and Machining detail, this Ultra-Premium material is ideal for the finest of fine-detail electrodes, including Medical, Aerospace and Electronic applications. I-85 has also become the electrode of choice for Powdered Metal Tooling, Punch & Die sets and high quality Plastic Injection Mold manufacturers.

If Machinability, Wear Resistance and/or Surface Finish are your measures of a great EDM electrode material,
I-85 is the right choice!

Apparent Density (gm/cc) 1.85 / Electrical Resistivity (ohm/in.) .00052 / Flexural Strength (psi) 13,600 / particle size (microns) <4 / Hardness (shore) 76

I-85 Isocarb HSM Graphite

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