Evolution Plus Dielectric Fluid (5 Gallon Pail)

Outstanding Features & Benefits

► Environmentally user friendly and extremely safe to use
► Increased flash point greatly reducing the risk of fire
► Enables finer finishes, minimizing time needed for polishing
► Low viscosity allows for faster work piece flushing
► Odor free, even after extended use
► High dielectric strength minimizes "arcing and pitting"
► Water white / clear color, allows you to see the workpiece
► High oxidation stability

OEM Recommended

Technical Specifications

Viscosity @ 100 degress F 34.2 SUS
Viscosity @ 40 degrees F 2.51 SUS
Flash Point C/F 124 / 256
Specific Gravity @ 60 degrees F .773
Color Water White / Clear
Odor None
Di-electric Strength 55 KV / 2.5 mm

Evolution Dielectric Fluids - . In addition to an Evolutionary step in the EDM Process where health and safety are more so issues today, than they were 20 years ago. So is the demand on cycle time and product finish. Evolution addresses all of these issues. In addition, if you are currently using a synthetic or semi-synthetic dielectric fluid, Evolution has a 110% compatibly alternative to your current dielectric fluid. Full Synthetic users can safely subsitute with Evolution Ultra. Semi-Synthetic users can easily cross over to Evolution Plus. If you would like to know more about either of these products, please contact your nearest Electrodes Inc.

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